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We are deeply grateful that you are supporting the mission to help one million new growers create successful gardens. We couldn’t do this without you! If you need anything or have any questions, please contact Casey (Casey@GrowYourOwnVegetables.org) at any time.

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Good News! Preserve the Harvest and Grow Your Own Vegetables are now Evergreen offers which means you can promote whenever you have an opening your promotional calendar. Click on the Email Swipe dropdown menu for those details.

Superfood Garden Summit and How to Grow $400 Worth of Vegetables and Herbs in 40 Days will be ready in early November 2020 as Evergreen as well. 

Mark your calendars: 
February 1 – 21, 2021 
Partner launch for Grow Your Own Vegetables with Leaderboard Prizes
July 1 – August 1, 2021 
Partner launch for 5th annual Superfood Garden Summit

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I can’t access the Promo Tools:

Just log out from your account and just simply log back in and you should see the promo tools again.

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How are referrals tracked?

As an affiliate, you will be assigned custom links to pages on our site that you can use to promote our products.

When someone you refer lands on our pages after using one of the links you provide them, their engagement will be tracked, cookies will drop, and if they purchase the product, you’ll be credited. 

Who gets credit if more than one affiliate refers the same person?

We use a “last referrer” model, so commissions are payable to whomever referred the purchaser most recently.

How will I be paid?

Commissions are paid through PayPal. Please make sure we have your current PayPal email and your W-9.

When will I be paid?

You will receive commissions after the guarantee period has passed (typically 30 days, 60 days for Grow Your Own Vegetables). Sometimes, you receive commissions earlier than the guarantee period. If someone requests a refund after that happens, it will be deducted from your future affiliate payments.

Can I change the copy you provide or write my own?

Absolutely! We are providing ideas to get you started, please edit to suit your own voice and audience!

Does being an affiliate mean I’m registered for the course?

No, if you want to register for the course, you will have to sign up.

Can I promote other Grow Your Own Vegetables products?

Keep an eye on your inbox. You will receive updates from Casey regarding upcoming promotional opportunities.